Sunny Pool

The goal of Sunny Pool's Impact Measurement System is to securely, transparently and immutably store how much clean energy has been generated by the Pool's projects and how much CO2 has been reduced.

The medium-term goal is to create an Impact Measurement System through which CO2 certificates can be represented and Sunny Token holders can trade the generated impact in the form of tokenized CO2 certificates.

Sunny TIM v1 (eta. q4/2021)

In Sunny Pool's first version of TIM, impact values (reduced CO2, clean energy generated) are stored on a pool-related basis. Impact data can be provided automatically by the system developed by the SI Team, or manually by borrowers (v1). The impact data is transferred to the smart contract. For manually provided impact data, the measured impact values are validated weekly by a validator. The validator is the specific impact partner or SI Team.

In Sunny TIM v1, the resulting impact (CO2 reduced, energy generated) is represented by fungible Sunny Token. The reduced CO2 and generated clean energy are not included as economic value in the price of Sunny Token. The Impact of Sunny Tokens is calculated over the entire pool and thus fluctuates with each issuance and redemption (burning) of Sunny Tokens. Impact values are thus directly connected to the token and the volatility of Sunny Pool. Each individual Sunny Token therefore has identical impact values at any point in time, regardless of the point in time at which it was issued.

The impact of each Sunny Token is thus calculated as follows:

impactkwh=kwhgeneratedSunnysupplyimpactco2=co2reducedSunnysupplyimpact_{kwh}=\frac{ \sum_{ }kwh_{generated}}{Sunny_{supply}}\\ impact_{co2}=\frac{ \sum_{ }co2_{reduced}}{Sunny_{supply}}

Future Development of Sunny TIM

Economic value of Sunny Pool impact

The first version of Sunny TIM has the disadvantage that the impact value is directly linked to Sunny as a fungible token and is therefore independent of the time of issuance. Thus, a Sunny Token issued today has the same Impact value as a token that has been used for CO2 reduction for several months or years. This makes it difficult to correctly calculate the individual impact of an impact investor and at the same time, the impact value can have massive volatility. This makes it difficult for the displayed impact value to have an economic value.

In order for the impact generated by Sunny Pool to have a tradable economic value, subsequent versions of Sunny TIM will include the generated impact in the valuation of Sunny Tokens and connect the impact values to time-related aspects of the issuance, so that a non-fungible token (NFT) can be created that represents impact values.

Automated validation and storage of impact values

In order to securely connect generated impact values with an economic value and to avoid possible conflicts of interest between validators and borrowers, in future versions impact values will be fed directly into the blockchain solely in an automated process using IoT. A manual transfer of impact data will no longer be possible.

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