SI Treasury

A part of the profits generated by SI Network protocols goes to SI Treasury. The treasury is used for the following purposes:

  • Deposits in SI Pools

  • SI Token buyback and burn events

  • Technical and legal development (e.g. CO2 certificate implementation)

  • Improvements to the SI Network's ecosystem

The treasury is locked by a 48h timelock and controlled by a multi-sig-wallet.

What are the main operations of the SI Treasury?

The main objective of SI Treasury is to connect the growth of SI Network's ecosystem with the SI Token ($SIT) market price. Moreover, SI Treasury provides social impact by buying SI Pool Tokens (e.g. Sunny Token).

The primary functions of SI Treasury are:

  • Burning SI Tokens

  • Buying SI Pool Tokens

Which assets are in SI Treasury?

The treasury holds SI Tokens, SI Pool Token, and farmed tokens from partner protocols.

Who controls the treasury?

The use of SI Treasury is determined by SI Governance. To understand the governance model of SI Network in the different phases, please review the Governance section.

Phase Init

The treasury is a 2/3 Multi-Sig-Wallet and is locked by a 3-day timelock. The following SI Team members hold the keys:

Phase Grow

The treasury is held by x/n Multi-Sig-Wallet (n>3). At least 2 keys are held by Impact Partners like aid organizations (e.g. UNDP or GiZ). The SI Team will hold 1 key. Timelock is reduced to 1 day.

Phase Mature

The treasury is held by SI DAO.

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