Impact Partner

Whitelisted impact partners (e.g. international aid organizations like UNDP) help to ensure that each project generates a positive social impact (e.g. CO2 reduction in Sunny Pool) while actively supporting the local economy. The partner ensures fair, long-term conditions for offtakers who receive the output of the social impact project (e.g. electricity). SI Pool projects need to be proposed by a parter and have to pass their due diligence.

SI Pools enable partners like international aid organizations to propose regional investment projects and have them funded by relevant SI Pools.

Benefits for Impact Partners

  • Propose regional projects to be funded through SI Pool

  • Access to high liquidity climate funds to support the local economy

  • Support the reduction of local CO2 emissions

  • Receive onboarding fees

  • Additional SI Rewards

  • Voting rights in SI Governance

Through SI Network, whitelisted impact partners can propose (regional) investment projects that match the relevant SI Pool. Via SI Pool, whitelisted partners like international aid organizations have access to a highly liquid investment pool that can be used to fund regional projects.

Impact partners receive a fee for the onboarding of the individual projects. In addition, they receive SI Rewards in the form of SI Tokens for good due diligence. SI Rewards are dependent on the success of the proposed projects. For more information about SI Rewards, click here.


Only internationally active institutions such as trusted international aid organizations are accepted as impact partners for onboarding projects. Whitelisting is executed through SI Governance.

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