Founding Member

Founding Members are stakeholders of SI Network who contribute to the development and growth of SI Network as early adopters of SI Network. By contributing early to SI Network, Founding Members receive benefits.

Benefits for Founding Members

  • Founding Member badge in SI Governance

  • Additional 10% of SI Rewards as onboarding impactpartner, borrower or delegate

  • No membership fee

Founding members are highlighted in the SI Governance delegation process. Thus, founding members have a higher likelihood of receiving higher amounts of delegated votes in SI Governance, resulting in potentially higher compensation in SI Governance.

Each time SI Rewards are distributed for onboarding Impact partners, borrowers and voters 10% of the total distributions are reserved for Founding Members. This 10% of the distribution amount will be divided among all Founding Members who would receive SI Rewards in the current distribution round. Click here for more information on SI Rewards.

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