Technical Development

Smart Contracts

All SI Network protocols are connected to SI Treasury. Each SI Pool can have individual external borrowers and individual yield aggregators for depositing its Liquidity Reserve; however, portions of SI Pool fees are always used for buying SI Token.

SI Treasury is able to buy SI Pool Tokens (such as SUNNY) as well as SI Token on the secondary market. SI Pools are able to buy SI Token on the secondary market. Through this architecture, SI Token participates in the growth of SI Pools, and SI Pools participate in the growth of SI Token.


Social Impact Network is an open-source project. You are always welcome to commit improvements, report bugs, or make suggestions for improvement on GitHub or Discord.

Before you start developing improvements, please create an issue on GitHub or contact the SI Team via Discord or Telegram.

Feel free to integrate Social Impact Network into your projects. If you are interested in a strategic partnership, please contact us via the given communication channels.

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