How to Stake SI Token on SI Network

Step 1

Visit the SI Governance page.

Step 2

Select how many SI Token you would like to stake.

Step 2

Send your transaction.

Step 3

Congratulations! You are now staking SI Token in SI Governance. You are able to vote on projects and receive additional SI Tokens as rewards, or delegate your voting power and let experts do the work.

Step 4 (Delegate Voting Power)

Let due diligence and industry experts make informed decisions on your behalf by delegating your voting power.

Visit the SI Governance page.

Step 5

On the delegation panel, select the entity that should vote for you, and input how much SIT you'd like to delegate.

Step 6

Send your transaction.

Step 7

‌Congratulations! You are now staking SI Token in SI Governance and have delegated your voting power to your chosen expert.

Step 8 (Optional: Vote on Projects)

In case you feel confident enough to vote on your own: Visit SI Governance, visit the specific project page to review the project details, and decide whether a project should be part of Sunny Pool.

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