Sunny Pool

Sunny Pool is the first SI Pool of the SI ecosystem. Through Sunny Pool, loans will be provided to borrowers for implementing solar energy projects that reduce CO2 emissions. Sunny Pool preferentially invests in solar energy projects in frontier countries and LDCs.

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How does Sunny Pool work?

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Eligible projects

All Sunny Pool projects are required to meet these minimum requirements:



Type of investment

RE / EE / Solar PV Plant

Project Size

$400k – $10M


Frontier countries and LDCs



Each project and borrower is proposed by whitelisted partners and has to be approved through SI Governance. Only borrowers who have successfully completed multiple solar projects in the past are qualified.

Impact Measurement System

Borrowers are required to report the created impact to SI Network. This could be through a provided interface access via Modbus. An IoT device provided by SI Team is able to record and evaluate generated power to the blockchain. However, manual reportings are sufficient for the first version of the Transparent Impact Measurement System.

The following information will be measured:

  • Clean energy production (in kWh)

  • Reduced CO2 emissions (in kgs)

For more information about Impact Measurement and impact validation, please click here.


Sunny Pool consists of four main stakeholders with individual tasks:



Project Due Diligence, Onboarding Borrowers, Creation of Project Proposals

Soft Loan Receiver, Project Implementation, Impact Generation, Impact Reporting, Loan Reimbursement

Providing Liquidity to Pool

Delegate and SIT Staker

Insurance and Selection of Proposed Projects


Receiving Clean Energy, Paying Energy


The value of Sunny Pool is the sum of Liquidity Reserve and the value of provided tokenized loans.

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Estimated Pool Sizes




Pool size



Liquidity Reserve Size



Loan Pool Size



Utilization Rate




The following fees will are charged:

  • Deposit Fee: 0 %

  • Withdrawal Fee: 1 - 3%*

  • Protocol Fee: 0,5%

*Withdrawal fees are set manually based on the ratio of liquidity to fund size and fund size.

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