How to do impact investing with SI Network?

Impact Investors are able to invest through depositing stablecoins into one of the SI Pool (e.g. Sunny Pool). Each pool creates an individual positive social impact (e.g. CO2 reduction, clean energy production through Sunny Pool). Impact Investors receive SI Pool Tokens (e.g. Sunny Token) for their deposits, representing their share of the pool. Each pool has an individual impact measurement system that allows investors to track and trace the created impact.

What are SI Pools?

SI Pools collect investments from impact investors and allocate them to projects that have positive social impact and deliver healthy returns. SI Pools use DeFi to deliver higher returns than the traditional market while providing security, transparency, and flexibility for impact investors.

Sunny Pool is the first SI Pool of SI Network, which aims to reduce CO2 reduction and enhance clean energy generation.

How do SI Pools create social impact?

Each SI Pool defines its own social impact targets. For example, Sunny Pool targets to reduce CO2 emissions and produce clean energy. There will be several SI Pools for different social fields (e.g. Renewable Energy, Affordable Housing, Clean Water) with each implementing real-world projects.

Who decides which projects are included in SI Pools?

SI Network is governed by the community through SI Tokens. SI Token holders are able to delegate their voting rights to experts (e.g. UNDP) or vote on their own. Voting allows the community to accept and reject proposed projects. To participate in the voting process, SI token holders have to put a portion of their tokens at risk.

Why should I use SI Pools instead of traditional impact investing instruments (e.g. ETFs)?

With traditional impact investing instruments, you have to choose between achieving measurable social impact and your financial flexibility. With real-asset impact projects, impact investors are typically stuck on their investment for 10 years. SI Pools solves this problem through DeFi. SI Pools combine the latest technology in finance (DeFi) with traditional impact investing. In this way, SI Pools offer more transparency, security, and flexibility than traditional impact investing instruments while promising higher returns and greater social impact.

How much impact will my investment generate?

Through the calculator on the SI Pool dashboard, you're able to see how much impact your deposit is expected to have. Each SI Pool offers an individual Transparent Impact Measurement System (TIM) that shows in real-time how much impact has been achieved. The impact metrics of the SI Pools may differ; for example, the Sunny Pool shows social impact through prevented CO2 emissions and clean energy generated.

Is there a unique token for each SI Pool?

Yes, each SI Pool provides individual Pool Tokens. The SI Network consists of all SI Pools and is governed by SI Token holders.

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