The team behind SI Network consists of award-winning members with proven hands-on experience in the field of finance, blockchain, renewable energy, and marketing.

Over the last year, the team behind SI Network has been working with regional and international banks, international aid organizations like UNDP, local authorities, and other organizations in the context of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, regulations, and finance.

Cedric Lehmann

Cedric is an entrepreneur and long-time Bitcoin advocate. He bought his first Bitcoin in 2013 and was immediately fascinated with the technology. He is a former blockchain researcher at HGI, Ruhr-University Bochum, and conducted research in the field of blockchain and supply chain management. He is a blockchain developer and, together with Felix H. C. Maduakor and Dr. Nikola Markovic, has received multiple regional and European awards. Cedric is certified as an anti-money-laundering officer by TÜV Germany.

Felix H. C. Maduakor

Felix is an IT Security expert and former blockchain researcher at HGI Ruhr-University Bochum, Europe's most reowned faculty for IT Security. He bought his first Bitcoin in 2013, breaking and deanonymizing bitcoin tumbling protocols in 2017. He is a crypto early adopter, blockchain developer, and technical expert. Together with Cedric Lehman and Dr. Nikola Markovic, he has received multiple regional and European awards. Felix is certified as Risk Manager (ISO 31000, TÜV), Compliance Officer (ISO 37301, TÜV), and IT-Security Officer (ISO/IEC 27001, TÜV) by TÜV Germany.

Dr. Nikola Markovic

Nikola holds a PhD in Electrochemistry from the Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany. He is highly technology-driven with a deep passion for Blockchain and DeFi. Nikola has extensive knowledge about real-world asset projects in the field of renewable energy. He has, together with Cedric Lehman and Felix H.C.Maduakor, received multiple regional and European awards. He's an award-winning photographer and avid traveler.

Nadja Bester

Nadja is an entrepreneur, startup advisor, and marketing and communications expert with 15 years of experience. A former pharma CMO, she's been in blockchain since 2017, consulting for companies that have raised a combined $280 M, a journalist for several publications, including and, a non-profit board member for new money systems and sustainability, and a speaker at several international industry conferences. She's a social entrepreneurship advisor for teams participating in such events as the Hult Prize, and has led a startup team to first prize in a global SDGs competition.



Felix H. C. Maduakor and Cedric were awarded an innovation price 2018 of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of Germany for their innovative work within the blockchain field. They received a US$315.000 prize to conclude research in the field of blockchain technology at Ruhr-University Bochum, together with partners from the local and international finance sector.


SI Network team was chosen to be part of the EU-funded DLT4EU Program to solve social challenges with the help of blockchain technology.

SI Team was awarded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany for creating one of the most innovative concepts aimed at solving social challenges.


Since 2021, SI Network has a member of the Google SDG Advisor Program and has been identified as a startup with a "technical approach to solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges, with the vision for changing the world for the better".

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