A token running on the blockchain.

SI Token (SIT)

Governance token used to govern the Social Impact Network ecosystem.


Decentralized finance using smart contracts.

SI Vault

A protocol that allows staking and depositing tokens in order to generate yield and farm rewards in form of SI Token

SI Pool

A protocol that allows investing stablecoins in a pool that generates social impact and ROI

Deposited Tokens

Tokens deposited into a SI Pool / SI Vault used to provide social impact and earn interest


A token that is pegged to another asset (e.g. BUSD, USDT, DAI, USDC pegged to US$1) and has low volatility

Loan Tokens

Tokens issued by a tokenized loan representing the ownership of the loan rights

Pool Tokens

Tokens issued by a SI Pool to represent a share in the pool's deposited tokens

LP Token

Tokens issued by a Liquidity Pool to represent share on underlying deposit tokens

Tokenized Loan

A smart contract which includes the terms of a loan for funding a social impact project

Liquidity Pool

A smart contract which allows adding liquidity of two or more deposit tokens in order to earn as a market maker on trading fees

SI Treasury

A multi-sig smart contract managing the treasury of Social Impact Network