SI Pools enable borrowers to efficiently and cost-effectively obtain low-interest loans (soft loans) to implement projects that serve a positive social purpose. Each SI Pool has specific terms and conditions determining the types of projects for which borrowers can apply for loans from SI Pool. For example, funds from Sunny Pool may only be used to finance solar PV projects (preferably in emerging markets).

Project proposals can only be submitted through Impact partners.

SI Pools is available exclusively to corporate borrowers who have several years of experience in implementing the specific type of projects that are funded through the relevant SI Pool. Each SI Pool has individual minimum requirements for eligible projects and borrowers.

Benefits for Borrower

  • Low-interest loans (soft loans)

  • Access to a highly liquid fund

  • Transparent, easy and fast decision making

  • Reputation-based funding

  • Decentralized decision-making including all stakeholders

  • Additional incentives through SI Rewards

SI Pools enable borrowers to obtain loans at below-market conditions (soft loans), which are typically only granted by governments or development institutions. Through a transparent and fast approval process, projects can be implemented more quickly than through conventional loans. At the same time, the liquidity of SI Pools is openly visible, which enables better planning.

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