Impact Investing on SI Network (SI Pools)

SI Pools enable you to become an impact investor by providing liquidity in form of stablecoins. Each SI Pool is a portfolio with multiple projects with a positive social impact (e.g. Solar PV for CO2 reduction) and provides above-average APY.

You can choose a SI Pool for depositing stablecoins and earn yields on real-world asset projects with social impact and DeFi protocols.

SI Pools, through DeFi integration, offer unmatched features, making them a more superior and sustainable long-term investment opportunity than traditional impact investment funds and crowdfunding projects.

Core features


In traditional real-asset impact funds or crowdfunding projects, you are usually locked into your investment for over 10 years. Furthermore, you are only able to invest in a given time period. If the funding sum is raised or the deadline is exceeded, you are no longer able to invest.

With SI Pools, you can be highly flexible with your impact investment. You're able to invest at any given time and with any given amount. There is no closing time and you could start investing with less than $5. Your investment is represented by a crypto token which you can give back to SI Network or trade on decentralized exchanges. Your investment is highly flexible and you're able to buy, sell, and hold it as you wish.


In traditional impact investments, you usually don't see how much impact your investment has generated and what your investment has been used for.

With SI Pools, all projects are peer-reviewed and fully transparent. The impact of your investment is measured and shown to you in real-time (e.g. reduced CO2, clean energy generated). All data are securely stored on a blockchain and displayed once you connect your wallet.

High Returns

With the help of DeFi, SI Pools offer higher yields than traditional real-asset impact investment funds. This is possible due to new investment opportunities for liquidity reserve in the DeFi space, as well as the automatization and digitalization of nearly all backend processes of SI Pools.

Decentralized Governance

SI Pools are fully transparent and community-governed. Investors are able to delegate their voting power to experts they trust (e.g. international aid organizations).

Real-World Impact

With SI Network, all social impact generated is measured and made available to investors. Investors have surity about how much impact their investment really made. Furthermore, projects are supported by long-established organizations such as UNDP that perform due diligence on projects and borrowers.

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