Farming and Lending on SI Network (SI Vaults)

With SI Vaults, you're able to farm yields and lend cryptos while adding real social impact to your DeFi-based investment.

SI Network provides 3rd-party SI Vaults, forwarding your provided tokens to auto-compounded yield-farming protocols (e.g. Core SI vaults allow you to stake SI Pool and other SI ecosystem-related tokens.

You get rewarded with SI Tokens for providing liquidity to SI Vaults.

If you decide to yield farm or lend through SI 3rd-party Vaults, a small portion of your profits (3%) goes to the SI Treasury with the purposes of being deposited in SI Pools (supporting real-world social impact projects) and growing SI Network. You receive yields of the given farms and at the same time, your contribution creates a real-world impact for society and the environment.

Farming and lending are DeFi concepts where you put your crypto to work to receive more crypto. For more information please click here.

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