SI Vaults

SI Vaults enable DeFI investors to become impact investors. With SI Vaults, the liquidity provided is routed to yield aggregators (e.g. Autofarm) and 3% of profits are contributed to SI Treasury which invests in SI Pools to support real-world social impact projects.

SI Core Vaults consisting of Tokens of SI Network (e.g. SI Pool Tokens), might not contribute to SI Treasury since they help to provide liquidity on core protocols of SI Network. All SI Core Vaults are clearly indicated on the dashboard.

Farmers receive SI Tokens as rewards for using SI Vaults. The liquidity mining program will approximately end in early 2025.

Additional revenue from SI Network DeFi products may be used to extend the existing liquidity mining program.


The impact produced through SI Vaults is generated by the corresponding Social Impact Fee, most of which is invested in SI Pools. Thus, the type of impact generated by SI Vaults is the same as the type of impact generated by SI Pools. Currently, this is the reduction of CO2 emissions and the generation of clean energy through Sunny Pool.

Auto compounding

SI Vaults (except core vaults) are automatically compounded by the stated auto-compounding protocol (e.g. Autofarm). Liquidity provided to SI Vaults is forwarded to the specified auto-compounding protocols.


The following fees are charged for all SI vaults:




Deposit Fee

Deposit Amount

up to 0.05%

Withdrawal Fee

Withdrawal Amount

up to 0.2%

Social Impact Fee



All fees are directed to the SI Treasury. SI Treasury is ultimately governed by the community and used to invest in SI Pools, buy and burn SI Tokens, and for further operations that benefit SI Network. To read more about SI Treasury, click here.

Deposit Fee Formula

feedeposit=(1depositamountdepositamount+vaulttvl)0.05fee_{deposit} = (1-\frac{deposit_{amount}}{deposit_{amount}+vault_{tvl}})*0.05

The deposit fee formula ensures that when the deposit-TVL ratio is low, the fee charged is higher and vice versa.

Withdrawal Fee Formula

feewithdrawal=withdrawalamountvaulttvl0.2fee_{withdrawal} = \frac{withdrawal_{amount}}{vault_{tvl}}*0.2

The withdrawal fee formula ensures that if the withdrawal amount-TVL ratio is high, a higher fee is charged and vice versa.

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